Project Patio 1-1/2″ Wrought Iron Patio Furniture Feet Outdoor Chair Leg Floor Protector Glides (32-Pack)

Price: $18.49
(as of Oct 27,2021 19:20:33 UTC – Details)

Patio chair feet inserts. High quality nylon chair and table end caps are designed to friction fit into the bottom of your existing wrought iron garden furniture legs. Your lawn furniture will glide on the surface instead of scratching. The metal furniture leg caps fit inside a round steel weld cup with an inside diameter of 1-1/2″ When measuring your chair’s weld cup, measure the inside diameter. A ridge circling the outside of the end cap will be shaved off when hammered in, assuring a tight fit and securing the glide in the weld cup. Before installing it is recommended to clean the cup area from any rust or debris. Use a rubber mallet or piece of wood when installing. Simply turn your chair or table upside down on a blanket or piece of cardboard to prevent scratching. Line up the glide and use a rubber mallet or piece of wood to get hem started in the cup. Once they set in you can hit them in the rest of the way with some force. Sometimes using tape to hold the glides in place helps to keep them level when installing. Your furniture will forever thank you for your new furniture sliders.

Size – Replacement wrought iron patio chair glides are made to fit into the “cup” area of your patio furniture feet with a “inside” diameter of 1-1/2″. Measure your “inside” diameter before ordering to make sure you purchase the correct size. See product images for correct application.
Installation – These are pressure fit heavy duty non-scratching wrought iron leg caps. Cleaning the cup area before installing is recommended. Use a rubber mallet or piece of wood for hitting them in. Do not use a hammer.
Protects – Prevents damage and nasty scratches to your deck and outdoor surfaces while providing smoother movement of your furniture. Prevents rust marks as well.
Quality – This deluxe version patio chair glide is thicker, longer lasting and easier to install versus the standard metal chair glides. These UV resistant plastic inserts for metal legs will provide years of use.
Package includes – 32 replacement patio chair insert cups. We offer a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee or your full money back.

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