LVGADR Furniture Dolly 6 Wheels, 6.5-Inch Tri-Dolly, Six Swivel Casters, Moving Dolly with Caster and Lifter, You Can Put It On The Table, Pool Table, or Under The Legs of Other Furniture.

Price: $38.99
(as of Oct 20,2021 16:59:32 UTC – Details)

Moving Six Wheel Furniture Moving Company Dolly Round large black platform: A larger contact platform makes furniture more stable on it Powerful casters: The six casters are rotatable, made of abs high-strength material, waterproof, pressure-resistant, not easy to wear, and will not leave marks on the floor. 360° free rotation The special caster bracket can rotate 360° without obstacles to ensure that the Easy Moving tool can bypass obstacles and pass through the doorway. Lengthened lift: The newly designed elongated lifter has a longer handle and proper bending, which can lift the furniture higher and more stable, making it easier to place the casters under the furniture set: Four heavy-duty furniture swivel wheels and a lifter. Size: The elevator is inches long, has a tilt height of inches, is heavy, and can effectively carry 500 pounds. Leg Dolly is 6.5 inches long and weighs each piece. A single weight can bear lbs.

💨 EASY TO MOVE: 5-piece trolley wheel set, 4 wheels trolley, 1 jack, very suitable for moving furniture, electrical appliances, etc. The universal wheel with a large contact area allows heavy objects to move, saving you a lot of time and energy, and avoiding accidents and injuries.
💗SUITABLE FOR ANY FLOOR: The furniture mover and lifter kit has a thick and strong base, each furniture trolley has six universal wheels, which can withstand a single load of 250 pounds, ABS wheels Sturdy and explosion-proof will not damage your floor, this lifter helps you lift heavy objects!
🏠 SAFE AND RELIABLE, EASY AND EFFORTLESS: This furniture dolly can be used on tables, crates, carry cabinets, couch, refrigerator, bookcase, pool table. Furniture, heavy machinery, large equipment, carpet rolls or storage boxes, etc. Whether it is a professional porter or a family member, it can be easily used in the home, warehouse, store, garage, or other industrial environments.
😀HEAVY-DUTY JACK: lengthened and thickened heavy-duty jack: the jack is placed under the heavy object, it can be easily lifted without the help of others, and the four-wheeled furniture with 360-degree steering function is placed on the four legs of the tripod. Heavy objects/under the legs. Carry heavy objects. Even in daily use, the rolling trolley is still as good as a novice.
👉RISK-FREE PURCHASE: We provide a 1-year after-sales guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our furniture handling tools, please feel free to contact us!

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