Danish Dough Whisk Bread Hook – 15 Pieces Dutch Whisk Bread Lame Baking Set Stainless Steel Wire Sourdough Hand Mixer Egg Beater | Kitchen Manual Cooking Tool Kit for Making Pastry

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Baking is stress relieving, especially during quarantine. Making cookies, cakes, pizza and bread from scratch brings a sense of achievement, and there are few things more satisfying than biting into a freshly made and perfectly baked bread or pizza. For people who want to enjoy home baking on a budget without sacrificing efficiency, we recommend the Danish Dough Whisk Baking Set. These are nice cooking gadgets for making dough, beating eggs, stirring chocolate, sauces, gravies and dry ingredients.

Danish whisk has a unique innovative structure which is a single hardened stainless steel wire twisted into three loops on separate planes. The structure allows dough to pass through the loops in succession, leaving no large clumps. The ergonomic wooden handle is non-slip, easy to grip, and long enough to provide leverage that reduces wrist or arm strain and makes mixing tasks easier. It’s perfect for mixing heavy dough prior to kneading.








A traditional whisk has many wires and easily has ingredients get caught between them, making it harder to stir or mix. While Danish / Dutch style hand dough mixer has only one single wire twisted into loops, with only 5% of surface area to touch flour or dough, much less than a typical whisk or a normal mixing spoon. Danish dough whisk cuts through the dough easily, making a more effort-saving mixing and kneading tool.


The Danish dough hook and bread lame are made of premium rust-proof stainless steel and natural wood. The plastic dough scraper and silicone brush are BPA-free. All materials are food-grade and healthy no matter for mixing dry or wet, cold or hot ingredients.

Tip: Apply a little food grade mineral oil to the handle periodically to prolong its lifespan.


The polished stainless steel wire is non-stick. Wide spacing between loops ensures no ingredients will get caught between the loops, which makes cleaning a snap. To clean the dough hook after each use, just swish it in soapy water and then rinse and dry. It’s a big plus.



Unique elegant design, premium materials and excellent functionality make the Danish Whisk Bread Baking Kit a favorite essential utensil for bakers and chefs. It is a perfect gift for friends or family who love baking. These tools will make baking and cooking easy, safe, and fun. Let’s enjoy happy home baking with kids, friends and those you love.

DOUGH WHISK, SCRAPER & BREAD LAME: The stylish Danish whisk hook works well for making bread dough, mixing batter, beating eggs, stirring chocolate, gravies and other wet or dry ingredients. The bread making kit includes 1*dough whisk, 1*plastic dough scraper, 1*silicone brush, 1*bread lame, 10*replacement blades, and 1*protective leather cover for bread lame
EFFECTIVENESS & EFFICIENCY: Baking prep can be a breeze. With three loops of different diameters on separate planes, Dutch style hand sourdough mixer allows dough to pass through the loops in succession, leaving no large clumps and avoiding overmixing. The crafted gadget cuts through the sticky dough easily, making a more effort-saving whipping and kneading tool than a normal whisk which may have ingredients get caught between wires
PREMIUM MATERIALS: All materials are food grade. Dough whisk and bread lame blades are made of stainless steel. The thick hardened wire whisk is rust-proof, securely attached to the ergonomic handle, providing sturdiness and durability. Plastic dough scraper and silicone brush are BPA-free. The wooden handle is non-slip, easy to grip, long enough to provide leverage that makes mixing tasks easier
EASY TO CLEAN: With polished nonstick stainless steel wire and wide spacing between the loops, no ingredients will be stuck on the wire or caught between the loops, which means cleaning is a snap. To clean the dough hook, you just need to swish it in soapy water and then rinse and dry
WORRY-FREE SERVICE: Customer satisfaction is our top priority. If you have any question about the 15 pieces Danish dough whisk bread baking set, please let us know at any time and we’ll make it right for you as soon as possible

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